Sunday, 24 January 2010

Zer Zara Zu? Primary Children

Young children doing the teaching.

Could you use this idea by having eg P5-7 pupils make small movies of pupils P1-P7 to support Gaelic Medium parents who may have no language and putting on your school website or burning DVDs for them to access at home? Does anyone already do this? A cross-curricular activity building upon a wide range of skills, knowledge and social interactions. Hits a number or CfE requirements. Your thoughts? Anything from a parental perspective - CnP?


  1. My S1 and S2 Gaelic Geography pupils made an animation based on work which they had done on the questions of the environment, pollution, recycling, reusing and reducing. The animation isn't quite finished but when it is we hope to use it as a resource to send out to other Gaelic medium units.