Sunday, 24 January 2010

Interdisciplinary Teaching Materials

'Europan murgilduz' is a set of interdisciplinary material which aims to provide a series of activities designed to help teachers focus on the Euro-dimension of different areas of the curriculum. It is presented as a journey around different aspects of the European continent (art, culture, economy, political-social situation, languages, customs, etc.), as well as a way of getting to know the Europe that we are currently in the process of constructing (institutions,
citizenship, etc.). The materials are available for both Primary and Secondary pupils. Perhaps we could follow up to see how they are used in the different sectors? How would you contextualise within CfE. Might they be useful in your school?


  1. This looks very interesting. Could see this working in my school.

  2. See if you can buddy up with one or two others in the group and perhaps you could follow this link whilst we are there. That would be really helpful.