Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Secondary Group's Thoughts, Mary, Catriona, Rupachitta, Iain

Are there school language plans to support the needs of all learners? Do you have diversity of pupil competencies? How is the curriculum devised / specific needs / Support for Learning?

The school community chooses Model A, B or D. This is a School Language Plan from the B.A.C. All pupils in the school will follow this plan. Pupils will not be evaluated for a full year, and then assessed. There is a personal Learning Plan for all Learners and extra help is given if needed. There are 5 specialist attached to each Berritzegune, including Speech Therapists. Rural schools not as affected by immigrants, as are the towns but pupils seem to progress well due to parental choice, commitment and level of Basque spoken locally.

How is evidence related to performance / attainment collated?

Using an adaptation of Colin Baker’s “Bilingual Education and Education and Bilingualism” format adapted for Basque language learning by Mikel Zalbide, each school is assessed. Schools can use this information for themselves and compare their progress with other schools in the socio-linguistic area is B.A.C on a scale of 1-5. There are no External exams for pupils up to the end of compulsory education (age 16). Continuous Assessment of schoolwork leads to school certificates.

Are there links with Scottish schools?

There are no existing links with Scottish schools at present but the schools are keen to establish them and have given our group an email contact address in order to develop these links in the near future.

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