Friday, 5 February 2010

Differences across schools and areas?

Continuation of Curriculum question: Are there differences across different schools and different areas?

There are considerable differences across schools and provinces. Some schools teach three languages, others teach four. It was not clear, other than languages and Environmental Studies projects, through interdisciplinary learning and subject learning what would be the balance of the curriculum.

EVALUATION Quality of Education

This was done through self-evaluation; inspectorate who made regular, unannounced visits; each teacher had to attain a benchmark in Euskara at PL2 (Level C1 European Language Register); children have internal exams at 10 and 14 years of age with an evaluation of core communication skills in Euskara at 4 years old. The Baccalaureate is offered at 18 years old.


Ulibarri Program: set up by the Berritsgunea. As part of this wide-ranging program there are after-school clubs run by parents; Barnategi is a total immersion experience, run for one full week during school time at one of a number of hostel-type accommodations across the provinces.
Total beginners courses are run for whole families for a week of immersion in Euskara; Children can stay with Basque speaking families and this is paid for by the Government; all schools take part in community festivals and carnivals.

We were unable to clarify the community’s role within the school although we know that Euskara speaking parents come in regularly to talk about their professions and when a doctor or a chef is needed they can be brought in. Some schools are also loaned out to community groups free of charge. Bertulidos (bards old and new) come into the school to teach songs, poems and drama.

Màiri Bheag, Seonaidh is Siùsiadh

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